[RFC] moinmoin update to 1.3.1

Josef El-Rayes josef at FreeBSD.org
Sat Jan 1 08:05:46 PST 2005

Sam Nilsson <sam at servingpeace.com>:
> Just a few typos:
> -- On line 29 of the Makefile:
>         @${ECHO} "Set MOIN_TYPE=(CGI|FCGI|STANDALONE) to define"
>    I think it should read MOINTYPE, not MOIN_TYPE
> -- On line 53 of the Makefile:
>         @${ECHO} "E.g.: make MOINTYPE=FCGI PATH=/usr/local/www/wiki 
> instance"
>    I think it should read MOINDEST, not PATH. But I'm not sure about that.

ah thanks, i changed the names of the variables a couple of times. :-)
looks like i was a bit sloppy in the end.

> Question:
> How can one choose to run an instance under twisted, or my choice 
> mod_python?

tell me in how far it differs to the existing installtion modes or
just what needs to be copied where and i will of course add them.
the problem i have is that it is not 100% obivious from the installation
guide, where i have to put the different files for the different
installation modes, and i did not have
the time yet, to test all of them. although i will of course.

> FWIW: I installed using MOINTYPE="MOD_PYTHON" in order to skip 
> installing the fastcgi, cgi and standalone servers. Not sure if it 
> worked or not though. Next step is to set up apache and a get moin moin 
> running under mod_python.

a great! just let me know when you found out how to do it, and send
me some details/patches :-)

greets, josef
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