splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Yarema yds at CoolRat.org
Wed Apr 20 20:25:00 PDT 2005

Hello again Oliver,

Another rewrite, putting some code where my mouth is... ;)
This one is based on the latest version you provided.

I moved your Makefile to Makefile.opt and made it so that a port which 
RUN_DEPENDS on courier-authlib can do:

.include "${PORTSDIR}/security/courier-authlib/Makefile.opt

instead of the usual:

BUILD_DEPENDS+=  courierauthconfig:${PORTSDIR}/security/courier-authlib
RUN_DEPENDS+=   courierauthconfig:${PORTSDIR}/security/courier-authlib

As I proposed in my previous email (quoted below) this solves the 
OPTIONS/meta-port issue for dependent ports and keeps courier-authlib 
itself from having to deal with it.

I then moved Makefile.ext back to Makefile and very liberally sprinkled it 
with lots of comments. Many of which in the form "# Oliver, ...." to 
indicate that they are there to point out my changes and are meant to be 
deleted.  Otherwise I tried to keep to the style of the original rather 
than imposing my style on this edit.

I left 'files/courier-authdaemond.sh' as is and for easy comparison 
included my version as 'files/courier-authdaemond.sh.in'

Note that "USE_RCORDER=	courier-authdaemond.sh" will process 
'files/courier-authdaemond.sh.in' and not 'files/courier-authdaemond.sh', 
that's just how <bsd.port.mk> deals with it.

I also did a bunch of cleanup to make portlint happier.  Most of the 
remaining portlint warnings are caused by my comments which are meant to be 
deleted anyhow.


--On Wednesday, April 20, 2005 20:11:20 -0400 Yarema <yds at CoolRat.org> 

> Hi Oliver,
> --On Wednesday, April 20, 2005 20:56:46 +0200 Oliver Lehmann
> <lehmann at ans-netz.de> wrote:
>> Yarema wrote:
>>> And that
>>> post-install:
>>> 	@${GREP} '^@exec ' ${TMPPLIST} \
>>> 	| ${SED} -e 's:^@exec ::' -e 's:%D:${PREFIX}:g' \
>>> 	> ${WRKDIR}/.PLIST.exec \
>>> 	&& ${SH} ${WRKDIR}/.PLIST.exec
>> I don't like it because it is not the "standard" way of doing that kind
>> of thing. And until bsd.port.mk will do it, I don't want to use it. Even
>> if that means to have some things duplicated.
> That's cool.  I was just explaining why I did it that way.  It's your
> port to maintain so it's your choice to use whatever code you're most
> comfortable with.
>> Further I like that meta-port idea and I'll keep it. With that you still
>> have your seperate authpam metaport which is "on" per default in the
>> meta- port so it will be installed, and it is easy to pik the module you
>> need and you even won't forget it. And think of dependencies. If I want
>> to install sqwebmail but I'm using vpopmail - I have to remember
>> installing the -vchkpw port later. I won't see the pkg-message since
>> sqwebmail will continue configuring when courier-authlib-base is
>> installed.
> See my reply to Jose M Rodriguez <josemi at freebsd.jazztel.es> explaining
> how the "libauthpwd.so.0" happens to get installed in the currently
> committed version of mail/courier-authlib BEFORE I ever touched it.
> Another idea of solving the meta port issue is to create an include
> Makefile.opt in the base port which is included by every port which needs
> courier-authlib.  courier-authlib itself would not use this file.  But
> sqwebmail, courier-imap and the MTA courier ports could all suck it in
> and give the user a menu to select which auth-methods to include.  Kinda
> like a meta port without an actual port.
>> I'll look in the other points later (rc.d isues) this evening or
>> tomorrow. The script will remain called courier-authlib.sh since that is
>> how it is now, and I see no point in changing it once more. We even have
>> courier-imapd.sh, courier-pop3d.sh and so on... courier- authdaemond.sh
>> would be more consistent to that than authdaemond.sh
> OK,  I'm not all that particular about the name.  Again just presenting
> my thoughts on the matter.  In either case take a look at how I coded it.
> The name change is the most insignificant part of the rewrite.  You can
> just rename my version to courier-authdaemond.sh if you like.
> --
> Yarema
> http://yds.CoolRat.org

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