splitting courier-authlib into master+slave ports

Milan Obuch ports at dino.sk
Wed Apr 20 22:08:15 PDT 2005

On Thursday 21 April 2005 02:11, you wrote:
> Hi Oliver,


> > Further I like that meta-port idea and I'll keep it. With that you still
> > have your seperate authpam metaport which is "on" per default in the
> > meta- port so it will be installed, and it is easy to pik the module you
> > need and you even won't forget it. And think of dependencies. If I want
> > to install sqwebmail but I'm using vpopmail - I have to remember
> > installing the -vchkpw port later. I won't see the pkg-message since
> > sqwebmail will continue configuring when courier-authlib-base is
> > installed.
> See my reply to Jose M Rodriguez <josemi at freebsd.jazztel.es> explaining how
> the "libauthpwd.so.0" happens to get installed in the currently committed
> version of mail/courier-authlib BEFORE I ever touched it.
> Another idea of solving the meta port issue is to create an include
> Makefile.opt in the base port which is included by every port which needs
> courier-authlib.  courier-authlib itself would not use this file.  But
> sqwebmail, courier-imap and the MTA courier ports could all suck it in and
> give the user a menu to select which auth-methods to include.  Kinda like a
> meta port without an actual port.

My question would be how the dependency chain looks like then. Even if I have
not yet an idea how it should be.

> > I'll look in the other points later (rc.d isues) this evening or
> > tomorrow. The script will remain called courier-authlib.sh since that is
> > how it is now, and I see no point in changing it once more. We even have
> > courier-imapd.sh, courier-pop3d.sh and so on... courier- authdaemond.sh
> > would be more consistent to that than authdaemond.sh
> OK,  I'm not all that particular about the name.  Again just presenting my
> thoughts on the matter.  In either case take a look at how I coded it.  The
> name change is the most insignificant part of the rewrite.  You can just
> rename my version to courier-authdaemond.sh if you like.

I do not think here we have a naming consistency issue. All courier-imapd.sh,
courier-pop3d.sh etc. are not started from /etc/rc, but from courier.sh
either when booting or manually. I consider courier-authlib.sh good choice
since the port itself is courier-authlib.


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