xpaint is broken on freebsd 4.11

Bryan Levin bryan at myUnixBox.net
Mon Apr 4 13:30:12 PDT 2005

hi pav,

yes, it was from last nite's update.  a fresh cvsup this AM showed this as a
non-building port (previously it was building fine).  my system is a pretty
stock 4.11 freebsd system with all installables made from source-built ports.

I see other projects (via google) also have problems with this
structure member.  perhaps this is a bsd 5.x thing that isn't
there on 4.x?

or an xorg vs xfree thing?

I think I was able to build if I didn't use xaw3d.  so maybe the bug
is in an include that your xaw3d has that mine doesnt?

I can look further if you want.  just wanted to get this reported
in case it was easy enough to fix.



Pav Lucistnik writes:
>Kris Kennaway p=ED=B9e v po 04. 04. 2005 v 11:45 -0700:
>> On Mon, Apr 04, 2005 at 10:20:24AM -0700, B. Levin wrote:
>> > on /usr/ports/graphics/xpaint:
>> >=20
>> > % make
>> > ...
>> >=20
>> > misc.c: In function `mousewheelScroll':
>> > misc.c : 675 :  structure has no member named `scroll_mode'
>> > *** Error code 1
>> >=20
>> > Stop in /usr/ports/graphics/xpaint/work/xpaint-2.7.6.
>> > *** Error code 1
>> It built fine on the last package run, so either this is very new or
>> you are seeing a local problem.  Either way, this port is unmaintained
>> so try talking to the software developers if they still exist.
>That would be my update from last night. Of course, it compiled fine
>here. Can you check from where that struct comes and if you have latest
>Pav Lucistnik <pav at oook.cz>
>              <pav at FreeBSD.org>

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