xpaint is broken on freebsd 4.11

Volker Stolz vs at freebsd.org
Tue Apr 5 08:59:06 PDT 2005

In gmane.os.freebsd.devel.ports, you wrote:
> on /usr/ports/graphics/xpaint:
> misc.c: In function `mousewheelScroll':
> misc.c : 675 :  structure has no member named `scroll_mode'
> *** Error code 1

Passing CFLAGS to Imake doesn't work, so you have to get in the
flag from the Makefile "by hand" into the port's Imakefile
(sticking it simply into DEFINES helps).
I'll come up with a patch tomorrow, though I'd be delighted to be
beat to it.

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It's a million to one chance, but it just might work.

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