grass-5.3.0 and FreeBSD

Michael L. Squires mikes at
Sat May 29 13:47:12 PDT 2004

I've just compiled grass-5.3.0 under FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT.

I used the ports 5.0.2 (5.2.0?) version of grass as the base; the only
modifications required were to install gdal from ports, upgrade the ports
version of proj to 4.4.6, the part of the patch to which
applied to FreeType, and the patches to src/display/d.text.freetype/main.c
and src/display/d.text.freetype/vflib/main.c (no doubt I'll find out
later why the other patches were made to 5.0.2, but they're not necessary
for compilation.

There can't be a lot of other FreeBSD users running grass (or grass-5.3.0
would be in ports) but if there is anyone else who's running this version
I would be grateful if they could point out pitfalls.

My interest in grass is to develop tools for teaching policy analysis
(combined, in particular, with postgreSQL and R; I installed grass-5.3.0
with the postgreSQL back end).

Mike Squires
mikes at
msquires at

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