Maintaing a seprate build machine for ports

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Sun May 30 12:31:16 PDT 2004

> I use 'portupgrade -R --package' to make packages out of the ports
> that I want, and that does honor pkgtools.conf.  Then I can use
> 'portupgrade -arPP' on my other machines.

Thanks! For some reason --package went under my radar.

> > * I want to perform the builds separately from maintainng the used ports
> > on the machine used for the build.
> What is the distinction between 'perform the builds' and 'used ports'?

By 'used ports' I meant the installed ports/packages on the host that is to 
become the build machine, but whose selection of ports might not be the same 
as the live machine. If possible I would like to build the ports destined for 
the live machine using a completely separate package databased, target 
installation directory, etc. But the more I think of it the more I am 
convinced that using a chroot/jail is probably the best way to accomplish 

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