sysutils/ntfsprogs status

Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Sat May 29 23:40:19 PDT 2004

I see that the Linux ntfsprogs package has been entered into the

A while ago, (before that port, I believe), I tried to get it to work
on FreeBSD - compiling it was quite easy (use GCC 3.3, and link with
-lgnugetopt, which the port maintainer apparently forgot), but there
were many problems with running it afterwards - locks and seeks
FreeBSD didn't like, semaphores and block sizes, etc.

After getting some utilities to work (e.g. ntfsls), I was working on
my main target - ntfsclone, but got tired of it sometime after some

I'm interested, except the work done to get it into the ports and to
barely compile (with the change of -lgnugetopt), is any effort
underway to get those ntfsprogs to really fully work on FreeBSD?

This is FreeBSD 4.10 here, maybe I'm outdated and on -CURRENT
everything's fixed already...

The main problems are:
	* unsatisfied seeks and locking calls,
	* no block devices on FreeBSD, so have to add ISCHR check to
	  ISBLK so that it doesn't require the -f flag,
	* cannot get size of device on FreeBSD, to compare with volume
	  size and for grow, clone, etc.

So, what's the status of this port?  I can contribute some patches to
make it compile cleanly and work a bit better, but not perfectly (not
all utils work).  I'd be happy to know that someone already did better
fixing to it.

  -- Tom	

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