gnuplot update: almost ready but ... how to deal with autotools?

Ade Lovett ade at
Fri May 7 14:15:25 PDT 2004

As I have previously stated, time and time and time again on the ports@ 
mailing list, I am waiting on a major update to, with 
widespread changes across the entire ports tree.

This takes time to test, and is not likely to happen until (a) 4.10-REL 
is out the door and (b) I get some quality time with bento and its 
4-exp package run.

User-created symlinks are absolutely NOT the way to go, you WILL hose 
your system eventually, and is COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED.

I suggest that you hold off on this update until the next round of 
autotools updates are completed, when autoconf259 and automake18 will 
be available via the normal autotools Makefile-knobs.


On May 07, 2004, at 13:55, Fernan Aguero wrote:

> Hi!
> I have an almost ready update to get gnuplot to the latest
> 4.0 version.
> For me, this all started because I needed some functionality
> that could only be obtained with a couple of patches. So I
> decided to include the patches in the port, if the user
> decides that he wants this functionality (by setting an
> appropriate WITH_HISTOGRAMS variable).
> The problem, as explained in a previous post is that after
> applying these patches I need to run autoconf.
> One of the responses to my post suggested creating symlinks
> of the kind autoconf -> autoconf259, automake -> automake18,
> and so on ... This helped me solve the problem. My port now
> builds fine, but this is clearly not the way that a decent
> port should behave, isn't it? :)
> Right now, the port is marked as BROKEN if WITH_HISTOGRAMS
> is set. But for testing you can comment this line of the
> Makefile.
> I am now using:
> in my port, and this actually works (I have both 253 and 17
> installed), even though the symlinks are actually
> autoconf->autoconf259 and automake->automake18.
> I have tried to set WANT_AUTOCONF_VER
> to 259 but it seems thæt this version has not been included into
> yet.
> My question: should I submit a PR with the port in its
> current state? (if nobody sets WITH_HISTOGRAM, the port is
> OK; and as I explained above, WITH_HISTOGRAM is new
> functionality that was not in the previous gnuplot, so there
> is really nothing lost).
> My request: I really need someone to show me how to work
> with autoconf from within the ports system. For some reason
> just setting WANT_AUTO*_VER was not enough and I had to
> create the symlinks for the port to build. Is this something
> that is being worked on? Perhaps I should wait for some
> large structural things to happen with autotools and try to
> fix this again in some near future? Thanks in advance for
> shedding any light on this.
> Fernan
> PS1: a gzipped tar archive of the updated port can be found
> in
> PS2: I already contacted the maintainer on April 22nd but I
> got no reply yet.
> -- 
> F e r n a n   A g u e r o

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