gnuplot update: almost ready but ... how to deal with autotools?

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Fri May 7 14:07:00 PDT 2004


I have an almost ready update to get gnuplot to the latest
4.0 version.

For me, this all started because I needed some functionality
that could only be obtained with a couple of patches. So I
decided to include the patches in the port, if the user
decides that he wants this functionality (by setting an
appropriate WITH_HISTOGRAMS variable).

The problem, as explained in a previous post is that after
applying these patches I need to run autoconf.

One of the responses to my post suggested creating symlinks
of the kind autoconf -> autoconf259, automake -> automake18,
and so on ... This helped me solve the problem. My port now
builds fine, but this is clearly not the way that a decent
port should behave, isn't it? :)

Right now, the port is marked as BROKEN if WITH_HISTOGRAMS
is set. But for testing you can comment this line of the

I am now using:
in my port, and this actually works (I have both 253 and 17
installed), even though the symlinks are actually 
autoconf->autoconf259 and automake->automake18. 
I have tried to set WANT_AUTOCONF_VER
to 259 but it seems thæt this version has not been included into yet.

My question: should I submit a PR with the port in its
current state? (if nobody sets WITH_HISTOGRAM, the port is
OK; and as I explained above, WITH_HISTOGRAM is new
functionality that was not in the previous gnuplot, so there
is really nothing lost). 

My request: I really need someone to show me how to work
with autoconf from within the ports system. For some reason
just setting WANT_AUTO*_VER was not enough and I had to
create the symlinks for the port to build. Is this something
that is being worked on? Perhaps I should wait for some
large structural things to happen with autotools and try to
fix this again in some near future? Thanks in advance for
shedding any light on this.


PS1: a gzipped tar archive of the updated port can be found

PS2: I already contacted the maintainer on April 22nd but I
got no reply yet.

F e r n a n   A g u e r o

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