gnuplot update: almost ready but ... how to deal with autotools?

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Mon May 10 07:39:11 PDT 2004

+----[ Ade Lovett <ade at> (07.May.2004 18:11):
| As I have previously stated, time and time and time again on the ports@ 
| mailing list, I am waiting on a major update to, with 
| widespread changes across the entire ports tree.

And as I said on my message, this is what I supposed was
happening. I just wanted a confirmation, since I've never
used autotools before and was not aware of the recent issues
with it. I did searched the archives, but I only got as far
as having the impression that something was going on. I did
not find any pointer with a clear explanation of the issues
involved and the planned changes. Perhaps not knowing too
much about the issue of auto* I missed some thread(s)?

| This takes time to test, and is not likely to happen until (a) 4.10-REL 
| is out the door and (b) I get some quality time with bento and its 
| 4-exp package run.


| User-created symlinks are absolutely NOT the way to go, you WILL hose 
| your system eventually, and is COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED.

Without knowing too much about how FreeBSD deals with
different concurrent versions of auto* I realized this was
not the way to go. I think I made it clear on my message. I
just mentioned that I was now able to compile gnuplot if I
created some symlinks.

| I suggest that you hold off on this update until the next round of 
| autotools updates are completed, when autoconf259 and automake18 will 
| be available via the normal autotools Makefile-knobs.

This is what I was looking for to hear.



F e r n a n   A g u e r o

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