PORTREVISION bump, how deep should I go?

Thierry Thomas thierry at pompo.net
Sun Mar 7 22:49:28 PST 2004

Le Lun  8 mar 04 à  2:11:54 +0100, Edwin Groothuis <edwin at freebsd.org>
 écrivait :
> Hello,

Hello Edwin,

> With regarding to ports/57475, it does do a version bump of libsdl.so.
> With regarding to the ports depending on this one, what should I do?
> - PORTVERSION change for devel/sdl12, that's enough
> - PORTREVISION bump for all ports directly depending on devel/sdl12
>   (with grepping for USE_SDL)
> - PORTREVISION bump for all ports depending on devel/sdl12 (based
>   on grepping INDEX for sdl12)
> - PORTREVISION bump for all ports depending on devel/sdl12, even
>   if they are hidden behind a HAVE_SDL
> - PORTREVISION bump for all ports in the tree
> Personally, for me the first option is enough (and portupgrade
> should do the trick anyway), I wouldn't find figuring out for option
> two, but then I know that option three and/or option four is more
> reasonable then. Options five is useless there but just to complete,
> I don't think too many people who are in the right state of mind
> would suggest that one anyway.

When writing this PR, I was rather thinking about option 3; since then,
a lot of ports have been using USE_SDL, and option 2 should be OK.

Option 1 is not sufficient by itself: you should ask everybody to
`portupgrade -r devel/sdl12', and this is a waste of resources.

Th. Thomas.
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