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Tue Mar 2 08:05:58 PST 2004


this is a nice story but it looks a bit off topic on this list.

Is there an off topic mailing list for FreeBSD?


CuteStocky at wrote:

> I don't know whether or not this will reach anyone at AOL who cares about 
> quality of service, but foer a long time now I have been unhappy with AOL, which 
> to me is like a ponderous pachaderm that even the most basic functions are 
> ill-performed. For example, usually aol cannot even list mail, much less open it. 
> One sits for minute upon minute looking at the hourglass icon.
> Recently I bought a Dell computer that already had 9.0 on it. I began using 
> 9.0 and find it so horrible that I called to complain and to ask if 8.0 disc 
> could be sent to me. After going thru operator after operator I finally was 
> connected to the person from whom I could order 8.0. I was promised it would be 
> delivered in about 4 days. That was two weeks ago. NO 8.0. I would try again but 
> will be giving up aol soon, so it doesn't matter. But I thought it was very 
> interesting that with each operator I spoke with NONE bothered to even ask me 
> WHY I didn't like 9.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> As a service-provider, AOL is the worst!!
> Fred Benton
> VP and Treasurer
> NC Consumer Council
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