Thank you for emailing AOL

Adam Weinberger adamw at
Tue Mar 2 11:56:12 PST 2004

Isn't there a law somewhere that says the quality of the help you
receive is inversely proportional to the greatest number of exclamation
points appearing sequentially?

But you do have to admit: it's kindof cool when a VP and treasurer
chooses "CuteStocky" as a screen name.

It's becoming patently obvious that somewhere there is a link to
ports at that says "Click Here To Email AOL." There can be no
other explanation for the number of "AOL IS TEH.SUXX0R" messages this
list gets.

However, every time I've ever emailed a sender asking where they found
the address from, I get no response.

Maybe spammers' toolkits have gotten so intelligent that they now
believe that they are clueless AOL users. This is a rather frightening
prospect vis-a-vie the Matrix's "singular intelligence that spawned an
entire race of machines."

OK. I think I've made enough jokes about this email now.

# Adam

>> (03.02.2004 @ 1105 PST): Erich Dollansky said, in 1.7K: <<
> Hi,
> this is a nice story but it looks a bit off topic on this list.
> Is there an off topic mailing list for FreeBSD?
> Erich
> CuteStocky at wrote:
> >I don't know whether or not this will reach anyone at AOL who cares about 
> >quality of service, but foer a long time now I have been unhappy with AOL, 
> >which to me is like a ponderous pachaderm that even the most basic 
> >functions are ill-performed. For example, usually aol cannot even list 
> >mail, much less open it. One sits for minute upon minute looking at the 
> >hourglass icon.
> >
> >Recently I bought a Dell computer that already had 9.0 on it. I began 
> >using 9.0 and find it so horrible that I called to complain and to ask if 
> >8.0 disc could be sent to me. After going thru operator after operator I 
> >finally was connected to the person from whom I could order 8.0. I was 
> >promised it would be delivered in about 4 days. That was two weeks ago. NO 
> >8.0. I would try again but will be giving up aol soon, so it doesn't 
> >matter. But I thought it was very interesting that with each operator I 
> >spoke with NONE bothered to even ask me WHY I didn't like 
> >9.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >
> >As a service-provider, AOL is the worst!!
> >
> >Fred Benton
> >VP and Treasurer
> >NC Consumer Council
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