incremental portindex builder - NG

Parv parv at
Tue Jun 29 17:58:11 PDT 2004

in message <20040629214449.GA7954 at sanatana.dharma>,
wrote Radim Kolar thusly...
>   after reading discuss about previous version, I have made major
>   upgrade to my incremental portindex builder.
> 2. Do not stops on incomplete dependences.
> 3. Dependences between ports (including multiple) are correctly
> tracked.  tracking is done by .include hunting
> 4. Dependences on /usr/port/Mk/* are tracked

That's really super if it works as advertised (i promise, i will try
to test it Soon), which means i can be safe in thinking about
updating portupgrade from version 20040113_1.

I half thank you now Radim; other half thank you would come after i
have tried your index program.

  - Parv


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