mozilla-1.7,2 and jdk-1.4.2p6_4 plugin problem

Alexander Kirillov nevis2us at
Tue Jun 29 15:34:00 PDT 2004

Most recent www/mozilla port doesn't work with jdk1.3.1 plugin any more
complaining about Undefined symbol ..nsQueryInterface (should probably 
be mentioned in /usr/ports/UPGRADING).

Upgrading to 1.4.2 fixed the problem but now mozilla would freeze for 
2-3 minutes
when opening a page with an applet over https:// and then would come up with
a couple of java dialogs complaining about expired server certificate 
(apache snake.oil). It wouldn't load applets over http://.

After I've rebuilt mozilla port I have no luck at all. It just freezes. 
No CPU load, no disk activity.
What might be wrong? Should I rebuild any dependences?

Thanks for your help,

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