FreeBSD Port: p5-Net-Netmask-1.9011

Lars Thegler lars at
Mon Jun 7 09:04:04 GMT 2004

JJB wrote:
> I was running 4.9 stable with what ever perl version that comes with
> it, and had done pkg_add -r  p5-Net-Netmask  and my scripts that use
> netmask were working just fine. They are stable and have not been
> touched in any way. 6/2/04 I installed 4.10 stable from downloaded
> cdrom1.iso file and redid  pkg_add -r  p5-Net-Netmask,  that is when
> I reported the original problem about the error message warning.
> After receiving your email that you had fixed the problem I checked
> and saw the package was not updated so today I installed the port
> version and now I am getting the "could not parse"  message.

Could you specify exactly the circumstances and actual output of this, 
and do a send-pr(1), please. That way we can track the issue much better.


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