FreeBSD Port: mozilla-1.7

Charles and Kimberly Maner ckjmaner at
Sun Jul 25 13:32:10 PDT 2004

Hi Joe.  I've attempted to upgrade from Mozilla 1.6 to 1.7 and am running
into problems.  I, too, am running 4.10-RELEASE.  Here's the situation:
Mozilla 1.6 compiled and ran, presumably fine w/o hiccups.  I make
deinstalled it and attempted to make install Mozilla 1.7.  It compiles and
installs, (again presumably), without error.  However, when running it as
root, it generates a segmentation fault and a resulting core dump.  As a
general, non-root user, it generates the common "Error: No running window
found." error but nothing else happens--no Mozilla window, nothing, as
though suspended animation.

Here's a (potential) kicker, Firebird 0.9 make installed and runs just fine,
no problems at all.  Yes, I realize it's only a fraction of Mozilla, but I
believe it contains most of the browser engine of Mozilla.

Anyway, any thoughts/help?  BTW, I followed the advice below in the post
below and no avail--still core dumping for root and no window returned at
all for non-root clients.  (FYI, it was compiled w/virtually no options
checked including optimization flags and still nothing.)


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Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> What version of FreeBSD is this?  This symbol should exist in the 
> /usr/lib/ library (provided you're running a recent 5.X).
> However, if you've chosen not to build Kerberos when you do your 
> buildworlds, you may want to remove:
> --with-gssapi=/usr
> And add
> --without-gssapi
> To www/mozilla/Makefile, rebuild, and see if that helps.
> Joe


	Firstly, apologies for the n00b type mistake. I'm running FreeBSD

	Secondly, I did a recompile with --without-gssapi, and the problem
vanished. It appears that the --with-gssapi option doesn't agree with

	Thanks for your help. Greatly appreciated.


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