FreeBSD Port: mozilla-1.7

Dwayne MacKinnon Dwayne.MacKinnon at
Fri Jul 23 08:04:37 PDT 2004

Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> What version of FreeBSD is this?  This symbol should exist in the
> /usr/lib/ library (provided you're running a recent 5.X). 
> However, if you've chosen not to build Kerberos when you do your
> buildworlds, you may want to remove:
> --with-gssapi=/usr
> And add
> --without-gssapi
> To www/mozilla/Makefile, rebuild, and see if that helps.
> Joe


	Firstly, apologies for the n00b type mistake. I'm running FreeBSD 

	Secondly, I did a recompile with --without-gssapi, and the problem 
vanished. It appears that the --with-gssapi option doesn't agree with 

	Thanks for your help. Greatly appreciated.


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