Are files and directories mandatory in pkg-plist ?

David Julien david.julien at
Tue Jul 20 01:17:54 PDT 2004


I write a port for an ocaml package (my first one!) but I have a
problem when I try to deinstall the port. Indeed I use an ocaml
program which is named "ocamlfind" to install and deinstall the files
at the right place in the ocaml library directory. But this program
deletes automatically the directories and the files when the port is
deinstall, and failed if the directories / files are already deleted.
I have to run it to deinstall properly the package because, for this
package, it updates some configuration files (which does not seem the
case for other ocaml package ports).

Do I have to list in the pkg-plist the files and directories or it is
not mandatory ? If it is mandatory, what can I do ?



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