Freddie Cash fcash-ml at sd73.bc.ca
Mon Feb 23 12:11:30 PST 2004

> Freddie Cash wrote:
>>>* Oliver Eikemeier <eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com>
>>>>Freddie Cash wrote:

>> So there's three different ways to go here:
>> 	- leave it the way it is using the alphabetical order by
>> script name (pre-RCng)
>> 	- use something like the squid script that works with or
>> without RCng, still based on the script name
>> 	- add a dependency on rc_subr and let RCng handle everything

>> I think for the time being, I'll go with the second option, until I
>> can figure out how RCng and rc_subr work.  This also gives a nicer
>> upgrade path (no RCng --> use if present --> full RCng).

> Don't. This is no upgrade path, either use rcNG or not, but don't
> change the behaviour of your port based on other ports
> configuration. If you don't like rcNG, stick with the old script. As
> I told before:

> - You install your port on a clean 4.x system and it starts at boot.
> Then you   install proftpd, and it doesn't, because proftpd pulls in
> sysutils/rc_subr, which is fine, but suddenly *your* port behaves
> differently, which is unexpected.

> - On the other hand, if I use dansguardian_flags in /etc/rc.conf,
> and then deinstall sysutils/rc_subr (which I can, since your port
> doesn't depend on it), your port stops using the flags.

> Take *any* other port with an rc.subr script as an reference. If you
> want to use rc.subr then depend on it, it's <30k, and set
> USE_RC_SUBR="YES". We are managing 10k+ ports, and it helps if
> everybody tries to play by the rules.

> Besides, currently you get alphabetical order no matter what you do.

Ah, thank you for explaining it a little better.  The situations above
makes things much clearer for me.  For now, I'll leave it with the
old, non-RCng script until I can wrap my head around the whole of RCng
and rc-subr and how it all works.

Freddie Cash
fcash-ml at sd73.bc.ca

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