Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Mon Feb 23 11:49:39 PST 2004

Freddie Cash wrote:

>>* Oliver Eikemeier <eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com>
>>>Freddie Cash wrote:
>>>>While updating the www/dansguardian* ports to use the new OPTIONS
>>>>and LATEST_LINK variables, I noticed that the www/squid port now
>>>>uses RCng for the startup script.  This is good news, because it
>>>>means I can rename the dansguardian startup script back to
>>>>dansguardian.sh and just use RCng to make sure it's started after
>>No, the script is rcNG _aware_. If rc.subr is not present in the two
>>locations where the scripts expects it to be, the script will just
>>behave like any other rc script. An added bonus is that you get
>>reload, restart, and status functions from rcNG.
> Ah, that makes a little more sense, now, after spending a little more
> time in the startup script.
> So there's three different ways to go here:
> 	- leave it the way it is using the alphabetical order by script name
> (pre-RCng)
> 	- use something like the squid script that works with or without
> RCng, still based on the script name
> 	- add a dependency on rc_subr and let RCng handle everything
> I think for the time being, I'll go with the second option, until I
> can figure out how RCng and rc_subr work.  This also gives a nicer
> upgrade path (no RCng --> use if present --> full RCng).

Don't. This is no upgrade path, either use rcNG or not, but don't change the
behaviour of your port based on other ports configuration. If you don't like
rcNG, stick with the old script. As I told before:

- You install your port on a clean 4.x system and it starts at boot. Then you
  install proftpd, and it doesn't, because proftpd pulls in sysutils/rc_subr,
  which is fine, but suddenly *your* port behaves differently, which is

- On the other hand, if I use dansguardian_flags in /etc/rc.conf, and then
  deinstall sysutils/rc_subr (which I can, since your port doesn't depend on
  it), your port stops using the flags.

Take *any* other port with an rc.subr script as an reference. If you want to
use rc.subr then depend on it, it's <30k, and set USE_RC_SUBR="YES". We are
managing 10k+ ports, and it helps if everybody tries to play by the rules.

Besides, currently you get alphabetical order no matter what you do.


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