lang/gcc34 does not compile fully

Dave Evans root at
Tue Aug 17 10:01:41 PDT 2004

A week ago, I wrote about my problems with compiling
lang/gcc34. I'm glad to say I've found the solution.

-mcpu=pentiumpro considered harmful.

The -mcpu option was upsetting the post-stage2
compilation and configuration of
Configure was failing to find certain standard
include files, thus regex.c was failing to compile.
There were also numerous warnings from
other files in the directory.

To get rid of -mcpu, install the latest files
in /usr/share/mk and rebuild gcc from clean.

Another little problemette. If I install
new include files on the system, how do
I run the fixincludes script without
having to rebuild and reinstall the
whole compiler, which takes ages on
my Pentium 120?

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