xview-clients port and the bento log

Pedro F. Giffuni giffunip at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 27 19:16:27 PDT 2003


I'm looking at the bento log cview-clients and it looks easy to fix but really
weird and in a certain sense scary:

patch-aa does not apply cleanly, but it seems like a path problem:
patch: **** can't cd to
/tmp/a/ports/x11-toolkits/xview-clients/../xview/work/xview3.2p1-X11R6: No such
file or directory

The patch is ugly by modern standards, it has several diffs in the same file,
and the first diff is not necessary as it contains only newline changes, but
the patch has been untouched since it was committed (4 years ago!).  Has this
port been broken for 4 years??

Someone please check the port (I can't right now).



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