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John Capo wrote:

> Quoting Brandon Gale (brandon at
>>Does anyone know of a port or piece of software that emulates a MS Exchange
>>server and interfaces with MS Outlook clients?  I'm trying to provide an
>>alternative to a potential client using Win2k simply for the only reason
>>that they require the functionality of an MS Exchange server.

well - doesn't try to emulate MS Exchange.
In fact we try to reproduce the functionality you're familiar
with whilst using MS Exchange (by utilizing ZideStore Server/ZideLook 
Plugin for Windows/and itself ofcourse).

Thus you are welcome to test it and report your expierence to us!

> It pretty Linux centric but there are a few people that have managed
> to compile it on BSD boxen:

Well - atm there's only a non-official port available (using older rpms).

which is the same as:

and awaits approval.... so please commit! :p
And I'll then add our latest `Outlook for OGo` feature into a ported
version :)

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