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Wed Oct 1 10:04:49 PDT 2003

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> On 2003-09-29 22:54:31 (-0400), Brandon Gale
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> > Does anyone know of a port or piece of software that emulates a
> MS Exchange
> > server and interfaces with MS Outlook clients?
> The only thing I can think of is SuSE's 'OpenExchange'.  I've
> never used it
> myself (I prefer just plain IMAP and LDAP, and particularly doing
> away with
> lookout and that so-called 'operating system' on which is it said
> to 'run'),
> but it comes highly recommended by a friend of mine.  That could
> mean I should
> find other friends though :-)

Do you have a link to the homepage for OpenExchange?

> > I'm trying to provide an alternative to a potential client using Win2k
> > simply for the only reason that they require the functionality of an MS
> > Exchange server.
> Which functionality do they require?

The main functionality is centralized email access, centralized calendar
sharing and centralized address book sharing, all done through their
familiar Outlook interface.

I'm trying to convince the client that running a Win2k3 server is going to
be much more costly than running a FreeBSD server.  They agree in principal,
but the three capabilities listed above are the sticking point in the
decision, which leads to MS Exchange server and the ship is sunk.

I'm also considering pitching a fully web based groupware system, but
haven't found many options for that.  In the ports tree all I could find was
"phpGroupWare" which I'm not sure is still undergoing active development.


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