pf + altq + cbq(borrow) not borrowing from parent...

Peter fbsdq at
Thu Mar 19 09:06:13 PDT 2009

>> fxp0 is connected to broadband ISP _and_ local LAN which is going at
> I think you have to explain in more detail the physical layout of your
> setup.
>> 100Mbps - So I have 90Mbps queue defined for 'intranet' 876Kb for
>> 'extranet' - Shouldn't the children of 'extranet' still 'borrow'
>> everything up to 876Kb?  - Since I was defining root at 100Mb, I would
>> assume my queues would use up more, instead they are using _exactly_
>> what
>> is defined for them and refusing to borrow [hence going at 37KB instead
>> of
>> the uplink max of ~100KB].  As soon as I 'up' the 34% to 60%, I get
>> higher
>> dl speeds, although not using/borrowing above the 60%.
> I'm slightly confused here. You're talking about download speeds but pf
> queues only affect upload bandwidth. Assuming it's upload you are
> referring to and if you want those four child queues to use free
> bandwidth from "intranet", then you have to add "borrow" to your
> "extranet" queue. Child queues can only borrow from their parent queue
> and if you don't have "borrow" on "extranet", that queue will only have
> 876Kb to share among its child queues.
> /Morgan

Sorry, by dl I mean downloading large file from server to remote desktop -
The server is uploading to desktop.
I want the children to use all the available bandwidth within the
'extranet' queue - The child 'poshta' queue NEVER goes above using 34%,
even though all other queues have no services running on them and 'poshta'
is set to borrow.  If I leave 'poshta' queue at 34% and set all others to
1%, the 'poshta' queue is still never pushing out more than 34% / 37KB.

If I set it to '90%' it pushes out at ~90KB - wondering why it's not
borrowing when parent has unused bandwidth.


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