pf + altq + cbq(borrow) not borrowing from parent...

Morgan Wesström freebsd-pf at
Thu Mar 19 13:40:47 PDT 2009

> Sorry, by dl I mean downloading large file from server to remote desktop -
> The server is uploading to desktop.
> I want the children to use all the available bandwidth within the
> 'extranet' queue - The child 'poshta' queue NEVER goes above using 34%,
> even though all other queues have no services running on them and 'poshta'
> is set to borrow.  If I leave 'poshta' queue at 34% and set all others to
> 1%, the 'poshta' queue is still never pushing out more than 34% / 37KB.
> If I set it to '90%' it pushes out at ~90KB - wondering why it's not
> borrowing when parent has unused bandwidth.
> ]Peter[

I'm pretty much out of ideas then. I'm running an almost identical setup
(2 queues below root and 4 child queues in one of them) and it works for
me. The only differences are that I borrow between ALL queues and root
queue only has 1800Kb bandwidth. Don't know if my config can give you
any new insights.

altq on em1 cbq bandwidth 1800Kb queue {q_def, q_pri}
queue q_def bandwidth 10% qlimit 200 cbq( borrow default )
queue q_pri bandwidth 90% cbq( borrow ) {q_hv, q_p2p, q_p1, q_p2}
queue  q_hv  bandwidth 10% priority 4 qlimit 200 cbq( borrow )
queue  q_p2p bandwidth 10% priority 5 qlimit 200 cbq( borrow )
queue  q_p1  bandwidth 20% priority 6 cbq( borrow )
queue  q_p2  bandwidth 60% priority 7 cbq( borrow )

Evidence of it working perfectly can be seen on second graph here:


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