pf + altq + cbq(borrow) not borrowing from parent...

Morgan Wesström freebsd-pf at
Thu Mar 19 07:50:06 PDT 2009

> fxp0 is connected to broadband ISP _and_ local LAN which is going at
I think you have to explain in more detail the physical layout of your

> 100Mbps - So I have 90Mbps queue defined for 'intranet' 876Kb for
> 'extranet' - Shouldn't the children of 'extranet' still 'borrow'
> everything up to 876Kb?  - Since I was defining root at 100Mb, I would
> assume my queues would use up more, instead they are using _exactly_ what
> is defined for them and refusing to borrow [hence going at 37KB instead of
> the uplink max of ~100KB].  As soon as I 'up' the 34% to 60%, I get higher
> dl speeds, although not using/borrowing above the 60%.
I'm slightly confused here. You're talking about download speeds but pf
queues only affect upload bandwidth. Assuming it's upload you are
referring to and if you want those four child queues to use free
bandwidth from "intranet", then you have to add "borrow" to your
"extranet" queue. Child queues can only borrow from their parent queue
and if you don't have "borrow" on "extranet", that queue will only have
876Kb to share among its child queues.


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