pf + altq + cbq(borrow) not borrowing from parent...

Peter fbsdq at
Thu Mar 19 07:16:53 PDT 2009

> Peter wrote:
>>> Peter wrote:
>>>> iH,
>>>>    Can't figure this out - seems as if others are having the same
>>>> issue
>>>> searching online:
>>>> The queues will not borrow from parent.
>>>> pf.conf [cut and snipped]
>>>> altq on fxp0 cbq bandwidth 100Mb qlimit 500 queue {intranet, extranet}
>>>>         queue extranet bandwidth 876Kb { poshta,abakan,usrx11,imvas }
>>>>                 queue poshta bandwidth 34% priority 7 cbq(borrow)
>>>>                 queue abakan bandwidth 22% priority 2 cbq(borrow)
>>>>                 queue usrx11 bandwidth 22% priority 1 cbq(borrow)
>>>>                 queue imvas  bandwidth 22% priority 1 cbq(borrow)
>>>>         queue intranet bandwidth 90Mb cbq(default)
>>> You need to add "borrow" to your default queue. That's where the spare
> <snipped wrong advice> ;-)
>>> /Morgan
>> That's the thing - My uplink upload is maxed out at ~896Kb - even if I
>> send traffic faster, still physically limited by uplink - That is all
>> the
>> bandwidth I want to allocate to my public IPs - I want the children to
>> borrow bandwidth from each other, and prioritize the traffic..  They are
>> not borrowing from each other - From my tests, the 'poshta' queue is
>> never
>> going over 34%.
> If your fxp0 is connected to some broadband service where the max upload
> is 876Kb, then that's what you should define in the root queue - not the
> link speed of the interface. pf will get its bandwidth calculations
> completely messed up by the numbers you have entered. You can never
> define more bandwidth in your queue definitions than you have avaliable
> on your Internet connection, regardless of link speed to your modem.
> /Morgan

fxp0 is connected to broadband ISP _and_ local LAN which is going at
100Mbps - So I have 90Mbps queue defined for 'intranet' 876Kb for
'extranet' - Shouldn't the children of 'extranet' still 'borrow'
everything up to 876Kb?  - Since I was defining root at 100Mb, I would
assume my queues would use up more, instead they are using _exactly_ what
is defined for them and refusing to borrow [hence going at 37KB instead of
the uplink max of ~100KB].  As soon as I 'up' the 34% to 60%, I get higher
dl speeds, although not using/borrowing above the 60%.

Changed the 100MB to 896Kb, and set the extranet to 886Kb, the rest for
intranet - Still no performance gain.


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