carp and internal dependencies on a router

SørenVrist inbox at
Thu Nov 11 04:43:15 PST 2004

Ive been toying with carp for a customer and found out that if fx. a
port in the switch goes wild, and the redundant router boxs current
master loses one of the interfaces, its only one of the carp interfaces
that switch over. On a router that means that still no traffic comes
Ive hacked a perl script for looking at ifconfig and doing som choices
based on carp-interfaces-parent status and carpinterfaces status, in a
way so a box is either all-master or all-slave if at anyway is possible.
(With prempt and advskew).
Im i all wrong here, is ther a way to do these dependencies a better
Freevrrp does it with a config option called dependson or something like


Søren Vrist

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