carp and internal dependencies on a router

Max Laier max at
Thu Nov 11 11:47:17 PST 2004

On Thursday 11 November 2004 13:43, Søren Vrist wrote:
> Ive been toying with carp for a customer and found out that if fx. a
> port in the switch goes wild, and the redundant router boxs current
> master loses one of the interfaces, its only one of the carp interfaces
> that switch over. On a router that means that still no traffic comes
> thorugh.
> Ive hacked a perl script for looking at ifconfig and doing som choices
> based on carp-interfaces-parent status and carpinterfaces status, in a
> way so a box is either all-master or all-slave if at anyway is possible.
> (With prempt and advskew).
> Im i all wrong here, is ther a way to do these dependencies a better
> way.
> Freevrrp does it with a config option called dependson or something like
> that.

OpenBSD has a daemon called ifstated(8) - unfortunately they haven't synced 
their online manpages lately:

>      The ifstated daemon runs commands in response to network state changes,
>      which it determines by monitoring interface link state or running 
>      external tests.  For example, it can be used with carp(4) to change 
>      running services or to ensure that carp(4) interfaces stay in sync, or 
>      with pf(4) to test server or link availability and modify translation 
>      or routing rules.  The options are as follows:   

This is the one you probably want. I didn't come round to port it, yet. It's 
certainly on my list, but first I want to get CARP itself into committable 
shape. So please, try your hands at it. It's even useful without CARP so 
seeing it in ports would be nice for many people ;)

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