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Max Laier max at
Thu Nov 18 12:51:45 PST 2004

On Tuesday 16 November 2004 13:08, Łukasz Dudek wrote:
> Dnia Wto, Lis 09, 2004 o godzinie 02:13:34 +0100, Łukasz Dudek napisał(a):
> > Dnia Pon, Lis 08, 2004 o godzinie 04:21:39 +0100, Max Laier napisał(a):
> > > On Monday 08 November 2004 15:30, Łukasz Dudek wrote:
> > > > i've tried to configure multipath nat using RELENG_5 box
> > > > (when it was current and now when it became stable)
> this is full ruleset

Okay sorry for the delay, but I was (and in fact still am) very busy with real 
life these days. Will hopefully resume to full working speed soon.

Nontheless, I finally found some time to rig a test-setup for this ruleset 
with two Soekris boxes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see any problem. No 
hang, no stalling, nothing! Can you please try to get more information about 
the problem in your setup?

I need to know what kind of "hang" it is. Deadlock, lifelock, etc? Try to 
break into the debugger via serial console or Crtl + ALt + Esc etc. I cannot 
reproduce it, sorry.

Does anybody successfully run more than one uplink in this way? What hardware 
do you have?

Same question to Łukasz, what kind of box is this? Are we looking at an SMP 

> can i provide any more information or is there anything anything i can
> do to help resolv this issue, have anyone been able to reproduce this
> behaviour, i would really like to utilize second link using freebsd box
> moving every service from free to open will be performance lost and
> services, network downtime. this box without configuring second link
> is 100% stable

I really need some definite description of the problem. "It seems to hang" is 
way too imprecise, sorry.

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