Intel PRO/10GbE CX4? General 10Gb tips?

Kip Macy kip.macy at
Sun Jun 3 20:54:16 UTC 2007

On 6/3/07, Andrew Gallatin <gallatin at> wrote:
> Kip Macy writes:
>  > Myricom nominally sells their cards directly, but they've dropped both
>  > a support request and a PO request from me, so I don't think its
>  > worthwhile contacting them directly unless you're a large customer.
> I'm really sorry your initial help ticket was never received by us.
> This is quite atypical.  It is unfortunate that you never followed up
> when we tried to track down what happened to your email.  Since you
> brought it up, people considering purchasing equipment from us might
> like to know that we're quite proud of our tech support.  The *first
> level* of our tech support is staffed by a PhD in EE (from Caltech),
> and a MS in CS (from UTK).

Cool. I can't be too critical of Myricom as I'm very impressed with
your level of ability and commitment. The cards also perform quite

However, I was disappointed when I had the same results when I tried
to purchase a pair of cards (I never got a response back). When I was
at an extremely large NAS vendor that we all know they had a tendency
to drop the ball on smaller customers and I've seen that in many other
large companies - this was never intended as an anti-Myricom rant. I
just wanted to point out that Bell Micro may be the channel that one
should use for purchasing cards. I will probably just send mail to
Bell Micro to order a pair from them.


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