Intel PRO/10GbE CX4? General 10Gb tips?

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at
Sun Jun 3 21:01:12 UTC 2007

Kip Macy writes:
 > to purchase a pair of cards (I never got a response back). When I was
 > at an extremely large NAS vendor that we all know they had a tendency
 > to drop the ball on smaller customers and I've seen that in many other
 > large companies - this was never intended as an anti-Myricom rant. I

Thanks :)

BTW, we're anything but a large company, and I'm really shocked that
we've dropped email from you once, let alone twice.  We deal with lots
of (satisfied) small customers.  If you could privately bounce a copy
of the most recent mail you sent (including all the headers you have),
I'll try to track it down.


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