nvidia-drivers with 4.10

dkouroun at cc.uoi.gr dkouroun at cc.uoi.gr
Sun Jan 2 11:08:26 GMT 2005

Dear freebsd-performance people,
I went on measuring performance in 4.10 Release.
I compiled the lates FreeBSD drivers by nvidia.
The problem was that with FreeBSD 4.10 native agp the
performance was unacceptable 5 frames per second. 
I rebooted and changed /etc/X11/XF86Config such that
it uses nvidia agp (Option "NvAGP" "1"). The first 
time I run the program the performance went up to 117fps.
Have in mind that in SuSE it is 269fps. The second time
I run the program the performance dropped down to 5fps again!

Can anybody explain what is going on?

Thanks in advance!

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