FC Disk array

Michael E.Conlen meconlen at obfuscated.net
Mon Jan 3 19:33:31 GMT 2005

I have a system connected to a IBM Fast-t 100 fiber channel disk array 
that I'm using as an NFS server. It's handling a moderate load of write 
operations, normally in the range of 4 to 8 MB/sec with an average 
write size of 16k constantly. The odd thing I've noticed in gstat and 
systat is that the system reports the disk as over 100% busy at times. 
I once saw it as high as 150%. I don't care that it does this, but it 
makes me wonder what the ceiling is.

The system is a dual Xeon HT with hlt_logical_cpu set to 0 so I'm used 
to getting 400% worth of CPU in some of my metrics.

Michael Conlen
meconlen at obfuscated.net

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