Vimage virtual networking and 7.0

Milan Obuch freebsd-net at
Sat Jun 23 06:06:53 UTC 2007

On Saturday 23 June 2007, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Bruce M. Simpson wrote:
> > Julian Elischer wrote:
> >> In the future I am hoping to be able to use vimage in our products.
> >> They are based at the moment on 6.1, but I can see in a year they will
> >> be based on 7.x.
> >>
> >> Patches for 7.0 and vimage are currently available in perforce.
> >> What I would like to see is if there are any parts of that patch that
> >> would allow us to make adding of vimage to 7.1 an easier task.
> >>
> >
> > I think there are deeper issues in the network stack overall which need
> > to be addressed, such as our lack of support for multipathing, scoped
> > addresses, and all the tidyups which need to happen in struct ifnet to
> > deal with this.
> >
> > My concern is that vimage may be a very intrusive change indeed where
> > these matters are concerned, unless the vimage patches are being kept
> > up-to-date and regression tested as issues are resolved and new features
> > added.
> This is axectly why I think they should go in now.
> Remembering that they compile out to non changes..
> Marko will I believe continue to keep up with -current as changes are made
> there. however it would be easier if they were in the tree so that people
> MAKING the new changes just took it into account when they did it.
> Similarly it will be a lot harder to backport to 7.x unless we keep a a
> separate 7.x + vimage branch in p4 however that means that marko will need
> to do everything twice.

I used old 4.x based vimage for some time. Now I would like to see vimage as 
an option in 7.x - I need this functionality again. I keep testing it as time 
permits, but having it in the main tree would make this for me a lot easier.
When 7.0 becomes release, divergence begins, and this just multiplies effort 
needed to keep anything with vimage in good shape.
With no option vimage, current state is kept, as far as I can see and 
understand the whole thing, so I think it should go in, now.

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