Vimage virtual networking and 7.0

Doug Ambrisko ambrisko at
Mon Jun 25 22:49:08 UTC 2007

Bruce M. Simpson writes:
| My concern is that vimage may be a very intrusive change indeed where 
| these matters are concerned, unless the vimage patches are being kept 
| up-to-date and regression tested as issues are resolved and new features 
| added.

Just like it was mostly working in 4.X then never worked with 5.X & 6.X
and now it sounds like it is working in 7.X but will it be working in
8.X etc?  That's a lot of effort he is putting in to keep going dead.
Note this comment is based on out-side observation.  I know a few people
that used it in 4.X.  I played with it bit.  Yes, it would help IronPort.
I'd rather not have to keep merging it.  I'm not involved in with the 
FreeBSD network folks to know the scope and the missing bits.  IronPort 
might be able to help somewhat to accelerate it.

Doug A.

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