CFT: jsdr 4.1 port (was: Re: FreeBSD can now receive DAB(+) ...)

Juergen Lock nox at
Wed May 1 21:19:18 UTC 2013

In article <1272550530.20130429005304 at> you write:
>Hello, Lev.
>You wrote 29 April 2013, 0:50:41:
>LS>  Cool! And what about support for DVB-T sticks with Realtek chipset,
>LS>  which could be used as wideband SDR?
> Ok, I need to sleep more, sorry! :)
> Now I see `comms/rtl-sdr' :)
 Yeah and apart from the upcoming gnuradio-related ports that Diane
mentioned I now also tried porting the original sdr-j sources that
provide AM and a few other SDR modes:

 The fmreceiver in that package (I named it bin/fmreceiver-${PORTVERSION}
i.e. fmreceiver-4.1 so as not to conflict with the one installed by the
dabstick-radio port) doesn't seem to work for me in FM mode tho, only AM
and the audio test mode make noise here.  I've emailed the author but not
heard back yet.  Interstingly, the mini-receiver otoh does play audio...

 Homepage is the same:

 Happy testing! :)

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