multimedia/mp4v2 appears to need 'MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE'

bobf bobf at
Wed May 1 07:36:39 UTC 2013

with ports from a few days ago (via portsnap), attempted to build
multimedia/mp4v2 (not as an upgrade but as part of a clean port re-install)
and I had to include 'MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE=1' on the 'make install' command line
to avoid build failure for multimedia/mp4v2

uname output

FreeBSD hack.SFT.local 8.4-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 8.4-PRERELEASE #0: Tue Apr  9
13:52:58 PDT 2013     root at hack.SFT.local:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  amd64

relevant make.conf vars


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