Linuxolator v4l2/dvb patches (like for webcamd + skype...)

Andrey V. Elsukov bu7cher at
Tue Apr 12 19:17:15 UTC 2011

On 12.04.2011 21:22, Juergen Lock wrote:
> 	(for head, untested)

I updated the patch for head/

>  Note:  At least the version of skype in ports still won't work with
> all cameras supported by webcamd because skype wants yuv 4:2:0 pixel
> format and some webcams only support jpeg (like a gspca zc3xx one
> I dug up here), maybe the newer skype version that Andriy got working,
> will have support for such cameras, or if not maybe a solution like
> this Linux post linked,

I did some tests and it does not make my skype working.
Also i tried install linux version of libv4l and with preloaded now skype can turn camera on, but it shows only
green screen :(

WBR, Andrey V. Elsukov

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