Linuxolator v4l2/dvb patches (like for webcamd + skype...)

Juergen Lock nox at
Tue Apr 12 17:24:21 UTC 2011


 After Olli successfully tested the version for 8 with a Logitech C210
camera and the versions of skype and webcamd in ports [1] I guess it's
time to post the patches in public:
	(for 8)
	(for head, untested)

 These also contain my previously posted Linuxolator dvb patches
that I still need to turn into a seperate kld because I got no
response from the Linux guy wrt the header file license (the Linux
dvb headers are lgpl2), so atm they are only for testing.

 Note:  At least the version of skype in ports still won't work with
all cameras supported by webcamd because skype wants yuv 4:2:0 pixel
format and some webcams only support jpeg (like a gspca zc3xx one
I dug up here), maybe the newer skype version that Andriy got working,

will have support for such cameras, or if not maybe a solution like
this Linux post linked,

could be ported (unfortunately the main posting,

is in french); gstfakevideo that he used seems to be here:

 I'll leave porting that to others as I don't really use skype
myself here, I just thought I could add some v4l2 support to my
Linuxolator patches. :)


[1] He didn't get the cam's internal mic working yet but that of
    course has nothing to do with my Linuxolator patches. (see
    other thread.)

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