Buzzing snd_emu10kx enabled card with r206173

Mark Stapper stark at
Thu Jun 3 08:07:28 UTC 2010

On 30/05/2010 08:31, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Everything I saw there appeared sane (it would have been nice to grab
> the -v output from kldstat, but that's ok...). Let's try doing the
> following:
> 1. Add `options EMU_MTX_DEBUG' to your kernconf.
> 2. Add set the sysctl: dev.emu10kx.0.debug=1 .
> Let's see if anything changes...
I've set SND_DEBUG and dev.emu10kx.0.debug=1.
I'll listen to my sound output when I get home.

> I'm going to try upgrading my kernel and I'll try these steps as well.
> The locking between this driver and some other sound drivers isn't
> exactly the same (interestingly enough this driver uses Giant locking
> for some bits, while the ich one doesn't), and there were some past
> bugs with other branches of *BSD's drivers related to pci bus
> commands, etc; the other BSDs have dramatically different soundsystems
> -- I assume the old school soundsystem, s.t. the issues are probably
> not the same.
The part about PCI commands is very interesting.
Could this be related to my PCI NIC (em) not working properly?

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