New cards and analog support for cx88

Dieter freebsd at
Sun Sep 7 15:52:08 UTC 2008

> i want to thank Jason again for his tremendous and excellent work on
> the cx88 drivers!

Yes, thank you Jason!

> for example, there is one model number on the box of my
> WinTV-HVR-4000: "model 1170, SL-1170-V2.0-UK" and another numbers on
> the card itself: "69009 rev. B2D3", but Hauppauge software for Windows
> identifies my card as "model 69009". so, which model number is the
> correct one - "model 1170" or "model 69009"?

Everyone knows that the 1170 is a beloved 16 bit minicomputer from DEC.  :-)

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