Sound on Dell Inspiron 1525

Fred Woods fred at
Sat Sep 6 19:46:39 UTC 2008

On Sat 08/09/06 05:59 , Alexander Motin mav at sent:
> Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
> > Alexander Motin wrote:
> >> Hi.
> >>
> >> Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
> >>> Alexander Motin wrote:
> >>>
> >>>> Send me please complete verbose dmesg out. This
> may be an interesting>>>> case to investigate.
> >>>
> >>> Here is dmesg and cat /dev/sndstat.
> >>
> >> I have asked verbose logs, but this is normal.
> Add>> boot_verbose="YES"
> >> to your loader.conf or select it from the boot
> menu. All I can see now >> is that your pcm0/dsp0 device is not from your
> most featured codec.> 
> > My apologies.  Here it is.
> Looks good.
> Your first codec is a modem and it is not supported.
> Second codec presents:
> pcm0 - digital connector playback (SPDIF or HDMI).
> Third codec presents:
> pcm1 - Speaker/Headphones playback with Headphones jack detection and 
> Speaker auto mute, recording from internal or external mics,
> pcm2 - Line-out connector playback,

any chance pcm2 is the cdrw+dvd device?
There is no lineout jack, just 2 (black) headphone
jacks on the front. 1 has auto detect, other does not.
Think the headphone jacks are a quad (complex) setup.
External mic jack (black) is also on the front pannel.

If pcm2 is the cd/dvd, does the snd_hda driver support
a method for routing between codecs?

Does the mixer interface support a method for
accessing the mute widgets?

Reloading FreeBSD on the machine now, will try
latest patch soon.

> pcm3 - digital connector playback (SPDIF or HDMI).
> So the first thing you should try is to play something via pcm1/dsp1.

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