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Sandor Z Nemeth nemeths at
Mon May 29 06:47:39 PDT 2006

Hello Szilveszter,

I figured it out by myself how to install ekiga. More or less I did what 
you mentioned here. Some other packages had to be reinstalled as well. 
However, I can't search for people on the address book at all.

Also, ekiga cannot read from the sound device /dev/dsp0.0. It seems that 
no telephony program works for me (I tried both "ekiga" and "skype"). 
People cannot hear me and I cannot hear them. However, I have sound on my 
system, and I can also record voice with audacity. I have no idea what's 
going wrong. I have a "Creative Sound Blater Live 24! external" sound 
card. I can use "ekiga" and "skype" under Windows XP on the same computer.
I have a Logitech webcamera attached to the computer which works under 
Windows as a microphone too. However, under FreeBSD I use another 
microphone which is connected to the "Creative Sound Blater Live 24! 
external" sound card which is used with the snd_uaudio module.

I switched to FreeBSD from Linux on November 2005, because it was the only 
Unix-like system which recognised my main hardware on my new Emachine 
computer, which was a real bargain from PCWorld (but this for the cost of 
some hardware incompatibilities, but I should not complain since it was 
very cheap). Apart from Macromedia  Flash plugin and telephony everything 
work fine under FreeBSD :)

I would try also MacOS, but at the moment the hardware is to expensive for 


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On Mon, 29 May 2006, Ádám Szilveszter wrote:

> Hello Sandor,
> Sandor Z Nemeth írta:
>> Hello Szilveszter,
>> I do not have the whole gnome desktop installed, since I am not using
>> it.
>> I am using only IceWM and ratpoison as graphical interfaces. However,
>> if
>> the only solution is to install the whole gnome desktop I will do it.
> No, you do not need to install the whole desktop, I probably did not
> express myself clearly enough. However, you seem to have many parts of
> it on your system, and some of those depend on howl. My guess is that
> if you reinstall the ports that require howl now, they will pick up
> avahi as a dependency instead. I have not tried this, but it may work.
> Hope this helps.
> Regards
> Szilveszter
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