Re: ekiga conflict

Ádám Szilveszter sziszi at
Mon May 29 06:14:36 PDT 2006

Hello Sandor,

Sandor Z Nemeth írta:
> Hello Szilveszter,
> I do not have the whole gnome desktop installed, since I am not using
> it.
> I am using only IceWM and ratpoison as graphical interfaces. However,
> if
> the only solution is to install the whole gnome desktop I will do it.

No, you do not need to install the whole desktop, I probably did not
express myself clearly enough. However, you seem to have many parts of
it on your system, and some of those depend on howl. My guess is that
if you reinstall the ports that require howl now, they will pick up
avahi as a dependency instead. I have not tried this, but it may work.

Hope this helps.



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