USB audio adapters (snd_uaudio): what to buy and what not?

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Mon May 15 02:16:39 UTC 2006

     It requires carefulness to buy hardware for FreeBSD. In this case,
I always carry a laptop with FreeBSD installed to shop and test all
interested products in the shop. In the file "uaudio.c" the matching
operation is only by "class" and "subclass":

        if (id == NULL ||
            id->bInterfaceClass != UICLASS_AUDIO ||
            id->bInterfaceSubClass != UISUBCLASS_AUDIOCONTROL ||
            (usbd_get_quirks(uaa->device)->uq_flags & UQ_BAD_AUDIO))
                return UMATCH_NONE;

But just as reported on MP3 player and digital camera (umass) these days,
NetBSD USB protocol stack has not been robust enough. Only attendant
test can ensure what works with FreeBSD.
                                                From Beijing, China

Dmitry Pryanishnikov wrote:

> Hello!
>  I'm going to buy an USB audio adapter supported by FreeBSD's snd_uaudio
> driver. My needs are general: to play/record stereo audio (no need in
> additional channels), line output is a must, headphone output is a plus ;)
> What models can you recommend to buy and what - to avoid buying? 
> snd_uaudio(4)
> only talks about "USB audio class devices" and doesn't mention specific
> models. I would like to hear about any (positive or negative) experience
> with these devices under CURRENT and/or RELENG_6 systems.
> Sincerely, Dmitry
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