USB audio adapters (snd_uaudio): what to buy and what not?

Dmitry Pryanishnikov dmitry at
Sun May 14 22:30:26 UTC 2006


  I'm going to buy an USB audio adapter supported by FreeBSD's snd_uaudio
driver. My needs are general: to play/record stereo audio (no need in
additional channels), line output is a must, headphone output is a plus ;)
What models can you recommend to buy and what - to avoid buying? snd_uaudio(4)
only talks about "USB audio class devices" and doesn't mention specific
models. I would like to hear about any (positive or negative) experience
with these devices under CURRENT and/or RELENG_6 systems.

Sincerely, Dmitry
Atlantis ISP, System Administrator
e-mail:  dmitry at
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